Do you have a brand of Natural Products?

Thank you for considering us! We love discovering new and exciting products from all over the world and getting to know passionate brand founders and their stories.

Step 1

Before you reach out to share your brand with us, please make sure that the products and your brand's ethos must are in line with our vision at The Green Beauty Concept.

Main selection factor: Ingredients must be natural.

Please provide the full list of ingredients. We’re looking for products that are clean, safe and effective. We take into account the quality, performance and safety of the ingredients in each product to be considered for distribution at The Green Beauty Concept.


Second selection factor: Design and Ethos are also important factors.

Eco-friendly packaging, marketing and brand presence will be taken into consideration in our decision as well.

Step 2

If your brand and your products meet our standards, please contact Mayuri at with your brand’s story and a complete ingredient list. 

Please provide:

  • Adequate contact information
  • Description of the products, including full ingredients list
  • Link to Brand Website
  • Product images
  • Information for RRP and wholesale pricing, minimum quantities, etc.
  • Any information you find relevant, regarding a wholesaler partnership

Mayuri gets a lot of emails, and a lot of new brand submissions, so please be sure to include what makes your products stand out! 😊

Step 3

If we feel your brand is in-line with our mission, we will reach out and request full-sized samples to test for efficacy. Once the trial period is over we will contact you with our feedback and timeline for stocking your brand.


Please note: Due to the high number of inquiries we receive from new brands, it may take us a while to make a decision. Thank you for your patience!